Nitesh Kumar JHA

Android Developer

About Me

Software Engineer with 5 Years of working experience in IT sector with a strong focus on Android Application Development, delivering exceptional results for 3 years. Currently enhancing user experiences at a leading French telecom company.


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  • Address: Paris France
Nitesh JHA


Sept 2021 - Present

Versusmind (Bouygues Telecom) - Paris, France

Android Developer

  • Enhancing User Experience: Continuously improving user experience across 3 STB models with varying hardware and Android API levels.
  • Feature Development: Implementing new features based on designs and requirements provided by design teams and project managers.
  • Device Upgrades: Upgrading STB devices to newer Android versions, ensuring compatibility and resolving necessary changes based on API updates.
  • Bug Resolution: Identifying and resolving bugs and crashes to optimize application performance for a seamless user experience.
  • Collaboration: Engaging with diverse internal and external teams on a daily basis to address and resolve issues promptly.

July 2019 - July 2020

DotScreen (HBO) - Paris, France

Android Application Developer

  • Feature Development for HBO Android TV App: Continuously enhanced and refined the HBO Android TV application using Java and Kotlin within an Agile framework.
  • Visual Design and Animation Implementation: Collaborated closely with the design team to develop visual designs and animations, integrating various remote control functionalities to elevate the user experience.
  • Cross-Device Code Testing and Optimization: Engaged with both internal and external QA teams to thoroughly test and troubleshoot code across multiple devices, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
  • Timely Ticket Delivery and Specifications Adherence: Consistently delivered priority tickets on JIRA at the end of each sprint, aligning with specified requirements outlined on Zeplin for precise and accurate implementations.

Aug 2017 - Aug 2018

Birchstreet Systems - Noida, India

Application Support Specialist

  • Engage with corporate clients across the USA and Canada, fostering strong relationships and addressing their needs promptly and effectively.
  • Investigate and resolve issues raised by clients within our web-based eProcurement application, utilizing advanced troubleshooting techniques and thorough research.
  • Execute various database commands using PLSQL to analyze key fields, identify correlations between data points, and troubleshoot complex issues.
  • Collaborate closely with internal technical teams and project managers to ensure seamless implementation and resolution of issues, maintaining clear communication channels throughout the process.
  • Facilitate coordination with implementation and supplier adoption teams, ensuring timely completion of set-up and configurations to meet client requirements.

Jun 2015 - Aug 2016

Xicom Technologies Ltd - New Delhi, India

Team Lead - QA

  • Lead and manage a dynamic team of 14 members, fostering collaboration and a high-performance culture.
  • Develop and assign daily workloads, ensuring equitable distribution of tasks and efficient utilization of resources.
  • Uphold the quality standards of the Close5 eBay US Mobile Application through meticulous monitoring, data filtering, and precise data mapping techniques.
  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with the client's technical team to address any issues related to tools and administrative panels, ensuring smooth operations and client satisfaction.
  • Conduct comprehensive training sessions for new team members, aligning their skills and competencies with assigned job roles to enhance team productivity and effectiveness.
  • Foster a positive work environment characterized by cleanliness, safety, and camaraderie, promoting employee well-being and productivity.
  • Implement performance monitoring mechanisms to keep the team motivated and accountable, aligning their efforts with company targets and performance standards.
  • Provide detailed reports to senior managers, offering insights into team performance and contributing to strategic decision-making processes..



Master in Software Engineering - EPITA, Paris, France


Bachelor in Technology - Sharda University, Greater Noida, India